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Hi I’m Anthony Hills. I was born in New Zealand and grew up taking the entire place for granted. I fell into the trap of university when I hadn’t yet discovered my passion, which led me into the oil and gas industry. After quite a few years in that game, I needed a holiday. I took a trip and proceeded to rediscover how amazing getting away and experiencing a bit of fresh air really is. Somewhere along the way, I decided, “hey, I should take a photo of that,” and lo my passion was born. Friends and family loved my work from the start, then slowly strangers began telling me that my work was beautiful, which all led to a “lightbulb” moment in my head: well if I love this so much, why not make a go of it? I’ve never looked back since.

I love going off the beaten track with hiking, climbing, or whatever other method most people label me as “crazy” for doing, to try getting that shot that no one else has seen. It sounds cliché I know, but being out there alone in some place beautiful is my therapy; it’s all I need to take me back to my happy place. I’d love to share some of those moments with you.

For more information about me check out an interview that I did with, an online equipment blog. I discuss my photography methods and what equipment I use.



I would highly recommend you check out Anthony Hills. What I do love about his landscape photography is he lives by his philosophy and the quality of his work shows.

Founder of Photography Equip

He is truly a dedicated photographer and the lengths he goes to to produce the ideal shot is admirable. It’s not the equipment that makes a superior photographer, it’s the persistence, tenacity and resolve, with a little talent thrown in.