Two Types of Printing: Aluminum & Acrylic

Aluminum Prints

Type #1: Aluminum Prints

Aluminum Dibond are not only waterproof and fade-resistant, they also offer crisp details – these characteristics make them a perfect decorative object for roofed outdoor areas and bathrooms because they need no glazing and there will be no condensation to mar the view. We have quite a few waterproof products – our direct prints on brushed aluminum will surprise you with a unique effect: The direct print on aluminum Dibond is printed directly onto brushed aluminum.

Acrylic Prints

Type #2: Acrylic Prints

Glossy acrylic glass brings out the best in your pictures and provides a clear view of the precise contours and deep-looking picture. A crystal-clear view of your photo print is the lower-priced but still high-end mounting alternative to our Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass. At the same time, you still get top quality results: We guarantee rich colors, fine details, and clear contrasts on high-end brand-name paper.

Direct Print On Aluminum

Aluminum Print Layers

  1. matte finish
  2. black polyethylene core
  3. robust aluminum Dibond backing

Our ultra-modern 7-color printing technique gives your image a luxurious matte finish. The Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond ensures excellent picture quality combined with great durability.

The print is cured under UV light, effectively protection your image from sunlight, contaminants, and moisture.
This makes it suitable for sheltered outdoor areas or bathrooms.

Your Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond is absolutely unique: We create it in the exact dimensions you choose. Select a standard format from mini to extra-large with optional cut or rounded corners, choose a special format like a panorama or circular print, or set your own custom aspect ratio.

In the Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond, your photo is printed directly onto the white coating of the 1/8″ (3 mm) thick composite panel. We use UV Fine Art inks for this state-of-the-art 7-color printing process, which is optimized for photo printing. It produces vivid colors and sharp details.

Printing with Acrylic

Acrylic Print Layers

  1. Acrylic glass, glossy
  2. Brand-name photo paper
  3. Sturdy metal backing

First, your image is printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper. Then it’s mounted, using non-yellowing pH-neutral adhesive.After that, we place your artwork behind clear acrylic (available in a range of thicknesses). All our acrylic is premium, photo-grade and guaranteed against discolouration, or UV-related fading.

It’s finished with metal corner mounts for a modern look that enhances everything from a professional gallery display to family photos. But before we ship your ICEmount, we attach our signature hanging system, with brushed aluminium caps in each corner, at no extra charge.

All our acrylic prints are available in custom sizes – allowing you to choose the perfect proportions for your digital images.

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